Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy

In pregnancy, back-ache is a common problem which many women faces. It normally occurs during your second semester and goes away once you deliver a baby. In some women it remains even after your baby birth and goes away in few months after delivery. The various reasons why back-ache arrives: 1- Harmonal Changes: Pregnancy is the only period where the body has to stretch itself a lot to give space to a new baby. During pregnancy, harmones allows ligaments in pelvic area to relax and the joints get loosened up. This can be a reason for the cause of back-ache.
2- Weight Gain: As the weight increases, the back gets a lot of pressure which in-turn causes back-ache.
3- Stress: Stress can be another reason for back-ache during pregnancy, so avoid stress. If you are in stress, speak to a friend or consult a doctor.
4- Posture Problem: With the increasing belly, the body changes the posture to adjust to the new physique and this can also lead to back-ache.

Important points to be considered inorder to avoid back-ache

1- Don’t pickup things from the ground by bending your back, instead keep your back straight and bend your knees to pick up things.
2- Good footwear plays an important role. Avoid wearing uncomfortable footwears or high-heels.
3- Sleep side-ways and avoid sleeping for longer hours on your back as it gives a lot of pressure on your back.
4- Never get up straight from the bed, turn side-ways and then use your arms and get up slowly.
5- Use pillows between your knees to sleep properly during night. Use extra pillows which gives you relief.
6- Avoid standing or walking for longer hrs, instead take breaks and sit for some time.
7- With increasing belly, your body forms an arch which puts pressure on your back and cause back-ache. Try keeping your back straight. Stand straight with back towards a wall and try making the curve straight, then curved, then straight. It helps.
8- If you sit for longer hrs, try using a foot rest and take your feet a little higher. Keep a small pillow or crumbled towel between your chair and the back.
9- Don’t lock your legs while sitting.
10- Avoid lifting heavy weights and if you cannot avoid, try balancing the weight and walk slowly.
11- Don’t lift things from high, instead use a small stool to climb and lift things or take help.
12- Taking a warm shower can help reduce the pain.

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