Bed Wetting and Kids

Bed Wetting and Kids
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Bed wetting is a common problem among kids specially in the age group of 5 – 6 years. It is found more in boys than in girls. Parents often scold them for this as it is really difficult to keep changing their beds during the night. What they need to understand is it is sometimes even embarrassing for kids to accept this.

What Parents need to understand?

It is a common problem among kids and it is not your child’s fault. It can sometimes be a problem which runs in the family and we have completely forgotten about it. So, you need to stop thinking that the child is doing this out of some laziness. Second important thing to understand is to not keep it as a secret between you and your kid. This embarrasses your child more. You need to find out the causes of this problem so that your child can overcome this problem.

Common Causes of Bed Wetting

Bladder problems: Some kids have overactive bladder syndrome. This means when their bladder (which is like a balloon like organ) gets filled, the muscles that control the bladder go into spasm. This leads to leakage of urine which causes bed wetting.

Too much of urine production: It is found that if kids take too much of drinks in the evening, they tend to have too much of urine production during the night which sometimes causes bed wetting. On the other hand, sometimes the child’s body is not producing enough of a hormone called vasopressin, which regulates urine production. Due to this their kidney is producing too much urine for their bladder to handle.

Deep sleep: Sometimes the kids sleep so deeply that their brain doesn’t get the signal when the bladder is full. This leads to bed wetting.

Your child's routine is disrupted: Sometimes it is just their routine which has changed due to which they face this issue. It can be due to change in school, place, stress due to exams, a new sibling etc.

Constipation: Constipation can be another problem for bed wetting. Sometimes full stomach puts pressure on the bowels and lead to bed wetting.

Type 1 diabetes: You might need to be sure if the child suffers from diabetes where the person's blood sugar level become too high and this results in producing lots of urine. These people need to go to toilet often during the night.

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): If your child does not suffer from this issue too often and only sometimes he/she is facing this, you need to check with a doctor if it is some UTI.

Bladder stones: Bladder stones can also be the reason for urine problem during the night.

Accident: Sometimes this could be a cause due to an accident in the past which could have damaged the nerves that control the bladder.

How do you help your kids with this problem?

Have patience: Patience is the key to solve this problem. Don’t let your child feel awkward about the situation. Do not scold them at all about this situation, rather have patience. This can be a temporary problem which will go away as they grow.

Control their fluid intakes: Try to control their fluid intakes during evenings. Ensure they use washroom before going to bed.

Watch their urinating cycle during the day: Observe them during the day to find out how often their bladder gets filled. This might help you to understand a bit about their night cycle too.

Rewarding your Child: Reward your child for the good things they do. This will help them build up their confidence. You cannot reward them for things which are not in their control like bed wetting, rather you can reward them for:

    Drinking less liquids during evenings
    Following toilet routines during the day
    Going to toilet before sleeping

Make your child comfortable: Don’t make your child embarrassed rather make them comfortable. Tell them its ok if they do bed wetting during nights as many kids do.

Consulting a doctor: If you think that this is something you need to consult your doctor for, do that. Ensure it is not some other medical condition as discussed above.

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