Skin Problem And Swimming

Swimming is one of the best fitness exercises for a healthy body. Many people enjoy swimming and go for a swim for relaxation or enjoyment. Many of them regularly go for swimming as part of their exercise routine. But swimming can cause most of the skin problems. What are the skin problems caused by swimming? […]

Dry Skin Treatment

The scaling, itching and cracking of skin is often termed as dry skin. What are the causes of Dry Skin? The reasons why you got the dry skin can be many: 1- You have naturally got dry skin. 2- It is winter season where most of the people get dry skin. 3- You are not […]

Dry Hair Treatment

Dry hair is the problem which many people faces. Everyone wants shiny and strong hair but lack of nutrients in your diet can cause hair damage in the long run. If you have noticed, small kids have strong and shiny hair. They do not face a lot of hair fall, dullness etc. All this comes […]

Skin Care during Summer

Summers are the best time in every one’s life. We can’t forget the lovely summer holidays during the school time. People tend to spend a lot of time out, enjoying summers, however, somebody has to pay the cost and unfortunately it is your own skin. Heavy sun rays has adverse effects on your skin. It […]

Swimming Pool and Skin Tanning

If you need to loose weight, maintain good physique or flatten your tummy, there is nothing better than opting swimming. Swimming is an exercise which relaxes your body, maintain your health and helps you avoid problems like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc. It is also a good exercise for pregnant ladies. The only worry for […]

Natural Colors and Holi

Avoid skin problem by making natural colors on this holi… The festival of colors is near….. kids are excited. But is there something that is bothering you? Yes, the dangerous colors sold in market. Only a parent can understand how dangerous these colors could be for our kid’s eyes and skin. Don't let impurities and […]