Eye Checkup In Kids

Eye is an important sensory organ of our body. It is really important that we keep a regular check on our eye to ensure they are functioning properly. A preventive checkup can help us avoid many major future problems in eyes. This is even applicable for kids. The first eye screening can be done at […]


What is cataract? Cataract is an eye condition where the eye lens start becoming opaque leading to blurry vision. It is very common among people above 40 years. A cataract can occur in any one or both eyes. With growing age, most of the people face this condition. If untreated a person might not be […]

Retinal Problems: An Interview with Retina Specialists

On the occasion of Retinal Awareness Week, Best Doctor’s team interviewed some of the best retina specialists of the country for our readers. When it comes to retina, people tend to get many problems like diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, retinal detachment, retinal vein occlusion, macular hole, macular pucker, postoperative endophthalmitisare, haemorrhages, waterlogging of the retina […]

Eye Care during Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup is quite common among ladies, however, below are few tips which you need to strictly follow to ensure the safety of your eyes during eye makeup. 1- Always ensure that you change your eye makeup kit every 3 months. 2- Don’t use very old eye makeup. 3- Don’t share your eye makeup with […]

Eye Care Tips

Eyes are mirror to your heart. Here are some eye care tips which a person should follow in their day to day life to ensure healthy eyes: 1- Eat healthy food – Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet 2- Take frequent breaks if you are an IT professional or you spend more time […]

Conjunctivitis – Pink Eye

Summers are here and with summers comes a problem of ‘Pink Eye’ i.e. Conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is caused through bacterial infection which inflames the thin layer which covers the white portion of the eye known as conjuctiva and makes the eye appear pink or red. Some forms of conjunctivitis can go on its own, however, some […]