Yogasan And Its Types

There are five types of practice for Yog. 1. Asans in the standing position. 2. Asans in the sitting position. 3. Asans done while lying on the stomach. 4. Asans done while lying on the back. 5. Asans practised for meditation and concentration. Asans in Standing Position There are many asans done in the standing […]


What is Yog? For living a better life one should know the art of living and understand the meaning of life. Although our first duty is to have a body free from disease but life is much more than merely having a body without ailment or a store of wealth, name and fame in the […]

Raja Yoga – Control of the Mind

Most of the world has become health conscious and is thinking in terms of calories, cholesterol, fiber and fats. But that is an incomplete picture as no health programme is complete without offering mental and emotional well-being. It is true that any form of physical exercise does bring down tension and stress levels, but they […]