Pregnancy Yoga: Standing Posture

Pregnancy Yoga: Standing Posture The video below is from a pregnancy yoga trainer, who will help you do certain yoga postures while standing which will make you feel great and active. Have a safe pregnancy journey…         Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor to understand whether you are allowed to engage in yoga […]

Pregnancy Yoga: Sitting Posture

Pregnancy Yoga: Sitting Posture Pregnancy is a time to enjoy, to do what you like the most. To make it more interesting, you should enjoy every moment of it. It is also important that you are active enough to cherish each moment. The video below is from a pregnancy yoga trainer, who will help you […]

Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)? If a woman gets diabetes during her pregnancy, it is considered as Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Though it can happen during any time of your pregnancy but is more common during your second trimester. The sugar from the food get dissolved in the blood and our pancreas create insulin which […]

Pregnancy related embarrassing situations worth avoiding.

Pregnancy is a period to enjoy, to think about the new comer in your life still there are few symptoms and effects of pregnancy that you cannot ignore. Here are a few embarrassing situations that you could face during pregnancy: 1- Stretch Marks With Pregnancy comes expanding body and later stretch marks. Some women are worried about […]

Can I be the case of Infertility?

You are trying to plan a baby from a long time but no results. There can be any reason behind this and one of the reasons that quickly come to our mind is, “Is there a problem.” Don’t get troubled, what you need to understand is the entire process behind conceiving. You can’t conceive in […]

Pregnancy Myths: India

Pregnancy is the time to enjoy but comes along with a lot of myths. There is no harm in listening to these myths till the time it leads to fun, however, if it affects the health of the mother and the baby, it is the right time to put a full stop. Here are a […]

Swollen feet during pregnancy

Swelling is the common problem which we face during pregnancy. This condition is known as edema which is seen mostly during your third trimester. Mild swelling is not an alarm and is quite normal during pregnancy but is also uncomfortable. However, you need to see a doctor if you have more than normal swelling, one […]

Back Pain During Pregnancy

In pregnancy, back-ache is a common problem which many women faces. It normally occurs during your second semester and goes away once you deliver a baby. In some women it remains even after your baby birth and goes away in few months after delivery. The various reasons why back-ache arrives: 1- Harmonal Changes: Pregnancy is the […]