Complete Body Profile

Complete Body Profile
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What is Complete Body Profile?

A complete body profile is the whole body check up, simply called health check up. It contains of a set of medical examinations evaluating the overall health condition of your body. It helps in the diagnosis of any underlying diseases that has affected your body without any symptoms. It also helps in the early detection of diseases and can warn you of any ill-health that may occur.

What is Annual Health Checkup?

As per your age, problems, doctor would suggest you to undergo health checkup at a specified period of time. If you are 40 years and above, it is normally advised to undergo complete body profile at least once a year. If you suffer from problems like diabetes, high blood pressure etc, you might be advised to undergo these tests once in 6 months. Consult your doctor to know more about this.

Who should undergo complete body profile?

  • A full body checkup is recommended for persons above the age of 40.
  • The recurrence of the checkup depends on the health condition of the person.
  • Annual health checkup is recommended for person above 40.
  • If you have a unhealthy lifestyle, excess stress or a early history of any disease, it is good to have a full health check up.

What all tests are included in annual health checkup / complete body profile?

Different package are available for full body check up. The tests may vary according to the packages. The basic tests in full body profile include:

  • Cholesterol Check Up
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Diabetes Test
  • ECG, Blood Test & Urine Tests
  • Eye Testing
  • Bowel Cancer Screening etc. are common for men and women.

For women, some special tests are:

  • Breast Screening
  • Cervical Screening etc.

What should I do after the complete body profile?

What you need to do after the complete body profile depends upon your test results. If you have a normal test result, you should just consider doing it again after one year as this is a required preventive measure to avoid major problems in future.

If your tests come out to be abnormal, you should consider meeting a specialized doctor for the problem that you have been detected for. In case of diabetes, you might be asked to start some medicine to keep diabetes under control, do some life-style changes to bring your diabetes to normal. The same happens with other problems like thyroid, blood pressure etc.

Doctor shall advise you for regular checkups to keep monitoring your health.

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