Conjunctivitis – Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis – Pink Eye
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Summers are here and with summers comes a problem of ‘Pink Eye’ i.e. Conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is caused through bacterial infection which inflames the thin layer which covers the white portion of the eye known as conjuctiva and makes the eye appear pink or red. Some forms of conjunctivitis can go on its own, however, some needs medical attention. Incase of kids, you should never avoid the problem and see a doctor immediately.

Types of Conjuncitivitis:

There are three types of conjunctivitis:

1- Infective Conjunctivitis: It is a outcome of any bacterial of viral infection.
2- Allergic Conjunctivitis: It is an outcome of any allergies like pollen, pets, dust, etc.
3- Irritant Conjunctivitis: It is an outcome of eye coming in contact of any substance which can cause problem like shampoo, chlorine water (swimming pools), some foreign substance entering eye etc.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis:

1- Itching in the eyes
2- Pinknes or redness
3- Watering of eyes
4- Pain in eyes
5- Green, white or yellow discharge
6- Burning sensation
7- Swelling in the eyes
8- Blurry Vision

Causes of Conjunctivitis:

1- Viral Infections
2- Bacterial infections
3- Summer Heat
4- Chlorine Water of the swimming pool
5- Shampoos while hair wash
6- Dust, smoke, pollen
7- Lense

Prevention of Conjunctivitis:

If someone in the family has conjunctivitis, there is a chance of the infection spreading. Inorder to avoid the same, below are few necessary steps you should take:

1- Wash your hands properly inorder to ensure that the infection is not transmitted.
2- Avoid sharing pillows, blankets, soaps and towels.
3- Avoid going to public places for a few days unless it is unavoidable.
4- Avoid eye makeup
5- Avoid swimming as it can spread easily through water.
6- Contact lens users should maintain proper hygiene and should follow the necessary steps inorder to ensure they are not getting infected due to their lens.

Treatment of Conjunctivitis:

The treatment of conjunctivits will depend the type of condition that you will have.

1- Consult your doctor to take advise on the eye drops you should use when in this condition.
2- If you have an allergic conjunctivitis which a doctor can examine and conclude, you need an anti-allergic medication. Your doctor will advise you of the same.
3- Avoid Swimming incase you feel the cause is chlorine water.
4- Avoid wearing contact lenses till the time the infection is totally gone.
5- Avoid going to school, college, office for first few days.
6- Wear Sun glasses when under the sun.
7- Do not rub your eyes a lot as the infection can become worse by rubbing of the eyes.
8- Cold water therapy (soak a cloth in cold water and then putting it on your eye) can be very soothing.
9- Avoid allergens like dust, pets, gardens (pollen) etc incase it is allergic conjunctivitis.

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