Cucumber Plant and Its Benefits

Cucumber Plant and Its Benefits
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The cucumber plant belongs to the family Cucurbitaceous. They are creepers originated from Southern Asia. The three main varieties of cucumber are slicing, pickling, and burpless. Now, different varieties of the plant are grown all over the world. The cucumbers are classified as accessory fruits.

Benefits Of Cucumber

The main content of cucumber is water. The benefits of Cucumber are:

  • Cucumber contain dietary fiber, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, energy etc. 
  • They are used in their raw form in salads and also cooked in some recipes. 
  • They are perfect food for the diet. 
  • Cucumbers are used for skin care. 
  • They are used to treat the dark circles under the eyes.

How To Grow Cucumber Plant?

  • The cucumber plants grow fast and yields abundant crop if grown carefully and properly. 
  • They can be grown from seeds. 
  • Proper sun-light is required for the plant. 
  • Neutral or slightly alkaline soil is preferable for the plant. 
  • The plants are transplanted to ground soil after the seeds grow. 
  • Protection should be done to keep the seeds safe in the soil. 
  • The seedlings are planted apart. 
  • Consistent water is required for the plant.
  • Fertilize if needed. 
  • Male flowers may not yield fruits. 
  • Proper pollination should be done for the plant. 
  • Bees are used as pollinators of cucumber plants.
  • They can be affected by insects or pests. So, proper use of insecticides and pesticides are good for the plant.

Cucumbers are best picked in its younger stages. They are eaten as such or used in salads. A type of cucumbers is pickled and such cucumbers are called picklers. There are sweeter types of cucumbers called burpless cucumbers. Cucumbers are commercially used extensively, Lebanese cucumbers, East Asian cucumbers, Dosakai and Kekiri are some of them.

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