Dad to be: Your role during your wife’s pregnancy

Dad to be: Your role during your wife’s pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful chapter in one’s life. It is not only full of memories for a wife but is also equally important for the husband. Father to be are most of the time in doubts and don’t understand how they can play a good role during their wife’s pregnancy. Below are few tips for the new dads to be:

1- Mood Swings: Now when your wife is expecting, a lot of harmonal changes are taking place in her body due to which you might see a lot of mood swings. Sometimes, she will be a very loving wife, sometimes she will get angry over small issues, sometimes she will even cry. This is the time when you have to play a good role in her life and help her cope up with these situations. Don’t get angry if she is angry instead be calm and listen to her. Give her your shoulder to lean on.

2- Your wife might need massaging sometimes: During the last months of her pregnancy, your wife might get different pains – specially pain in the legs. Don’t think that you cannot get her a help to massage her body during pregnancy. A little massage sometimes gives a lot of relief. Consult your doctor to know the best ways of doing massage. If you don’t get help for the same, you can also support her by giving her a little massage.

3- Make space for the new baby: You must have not yet thought of it but it’s the time you start making space for the new comer. Spend time with your wife, planning for a new interior in your room. Sometimes, go out for shopping for the new baby. Believe me, it really feels good and you will go crazy seeing kids stuff.

4- If you smoke, avoid doing that at home, smoking is not good for your baby.

5- Your wife’s taste buds are at a toss, she might like eating something very much and she might not like something completely. Don’t get annoyed. Listen to her what she likes and what she doesn’t like and act accordingly. Take her out sometimes for a nice evening so that she feels her importance in your life. My advise to all expecting fathers is don’t think this is your wife going crazy, think this is your naughty baby inside already ready to trouble the father and what you will get is a sweet smile on your face.

6- Accompany your wife for visits to the doctor specially for sonography. Although anybody can take her to the doctor, but try to take out time to go with her as it makes a lot of difference to her. Sonography is specially a thing which you won’t like to miss.

7- Wait for the time when you will be able to feel your baby’s kicks. It’s a lovely feeling and a memorable moment which husband and wife share together.

8- Help her in the house: You have to accept one fact that your wife might not be able to deliver everything in the house on her own. She needs support. You can give her that support by helping her do the household stuff or if possible hire a help for her. Even if you hire a help for her, don’t think she can still manage everything on her own. Your support is always needed.

9- Your wife needs rest: Your wife needs proper rest and sleep during pregnancy along with the exercise and walk. In Indian families, we think that the lady should not take rest as this can lead to C-Section but its not true. Exercise and walk helps in normal delivery but so is the need for rest. C-Section has got different reasons altogether. Incase of working ladies, exercise might not be possible for them. Take little walk with your wife, spend more time with her.

10- Attend the labour with your wife: It is a new thing for the Indian fathers that is the reason they feel shy to discuss the same in front of their family but believe me there is no problem sharing this with your family or doctor. Ask your doctor that you would like to be in the labour room with your wife for her support. These days they even allow fathers at the time of surgery.

11- Wife’s weight gain: Some husband’s are tensed thinking about the weight gain of their wife during pregnancy. Although their body will change due to pregnancy but most of them easily loose weight after pregnancy. One important point to understand is that your wife has gained this weight to give you the most important happiness of this world. Weight gain does not change the lady you loved and got married to. Some husbands actually start loving it.

12- Plan for the big day: Plan with your wife for the big day. Are your bags packed, consult your doctor to understand what your bag should have before you go to the hospital. Be planned.

13- What will be my role once the baby has arrived: Now when the baby has arrived, you need to understand is that your wife is still a changed lady. She still might get mood swings, cry over small issues etc. Support her in what she is doing rather than finding out mistakes. This applies for you as well as the entire family. Her full time is devoted towards the baby. She is also breast feeding which needs a lot of time and patience. She might not even get a good sleep during the night. What you need to understand is:

– Allow her to sleep in the morning and the day when the baby is sleeping. This is the reason why most of the ladies prefer to go to their mother’s house after delivery.
– Try doing certain things yourself and don’t look at her for them.
– Don’t get frustated if the baby is crying as even she is a new mother and is trying to figure out why.
– Don’t ever tell her that you had a tiring day so it is not your job to look after the baby. Although she was not working in an office but she still had a tiring day with the baby.
– Play with the new baby and give her some time to rest.
– Change baby clothes yourself instead of asking her to do so everytime.
– Not only the fathers but even your family will need to support your wife during pregnancy and after baby.

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