Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is an infectious disease caused by dengue virus which comes from dengue mosquitoes. The fever is painful and is rated as a mild dengue fever or a sever dengue fever. In severe cases, patients need to be admitted to the hospital as they need proper doctor’s supervision. The most sever form of dengue fever is dengue shock syndrome and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) where patient suffers bleeding, low levels of blood platelets, blood plasma leakage or dangerously low blood pressure occurs.. There is no vaccination for dengue fever but for better treatment, it is important that the fever is caught as soon as possible and does not turn into a severe case. So if you have high fever for more than one day without any cause, it is better to consult your doctor and get blood test done.  About Dengue Mosquito

Dengue Mosquito

Dengue Mosquito

Are you instructing your kids to avoid going out late in the evening, then probably you are wrong. Unlike other mosquitoes, dengue mosquitoes bite you during the day. They need shade to stay and easily hide themselves inside your house, behind curtains, under the beds, behind furniture and bite you anytime during the day.

You should be aware and know all about the culprit behind this fever, where and how they breed etc inorder to avoid them to be breeding near you.
Where they breed

The dengue mosquito unlike other mosquitoes like to breed and live near your home or your garden. The reason behind this is they need people. They lay eggs in containers near your home. Also the female mosquito need feed from human inorder to lay eggs. Even a small amount of water is enough for them to lay eggs.

Inorder to avoid them, you need to ensure that there is not enough water containers around your domestic area as they only need your blood and little water to survive in your area. If you like to keep water near your house, ensure that you change water everyday, else that will become the perfect spot for your culprit.

One interesting fact about them is they will not leave you alone and go. If you have a dengue mosquitoes around you, they will live there forever untill and unless you find out spots where they are breeding and stop that. Their eggs once hatched takes around a week to 10 days to become an adult mosquito.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever:

Skin Rash : Dengue Fever

Skin Rash : Dengue Fever

Incase of mild dengue:

    Muscle and Joint pains
    Skin rash like measles
    Nose and Mouth bleeding
    Pain behind eyes

Severe Cases:

    Regular Vomitting
    Bleeding from your mouth/gums/nose
    Red spots or patches on the skin
    Damaged blood vessels
    Bad Stomach Ache
    Internal bleeding
    Lower number of platelets in blood
    Small blood spots under your skin
    Weak pulse
    Extensively low blood pressure

Prevention of Dengue Fever:

    Prevent Mosquito Bites. Avoid being out at times when there are lots of mosquitoes
    Proper clothing
    Use mosquito repellent cremes
    Use mosquito nets, rackets
    Use window nets
    Prevent stagnant water

Treatment of Dengue Fever: There is no medication for dengue fever. Below is how it is treated according to disease's severity:  

    Prevent Dehydration: The best treatment for dengue fever is a lot and lot of fluids. Don’t let dehydrate your body.
    Pain Killers: are used to relief the pain and lower the fever down.
    IV Drip
    In severe cases, blood transfusion

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