Pregnancy and Diet

Pregnancy and Diet

Diet plays a very important role during pregnancy. A good diet is important for the proper development of your baby and keeps your healthy. Many pregnant ladies eat less in the worry of gaining more weight, however, if you create a proper balanced diet plan for yourself, you can avoid gaining a lot of weight and still maintain good diet. A healthy diet plan is the one which carries a proper mixture of essential nutrients like calcium, Iron, Vitamins, Protein and Folic Acid.  What does a healthy diet plan carries:

1- Include food rich in protein and avoid eating too much of fatty food.
2- You should have atleast 3-4 glasses of skimmed milk in a day. Skimmed milk is good in protein and hence your worry to gain more fat goes.
3- Incase you are unable to drink 4 glasses of milk everyday, keep 2 glasses of milk and add other forms of dairy products like curd, buttermilk etc.
4- Having coconut water is good during pregnancy.
5- You should include variety in your diet rather than following a similar diet everyday.
6- Try to eat after every 2 hrs. Incase you feel nausea, take small frequent diets rather than 3 full meals.
7- Include iron-rich food in your diet like spinach, bottle gourd etc.
8- Include 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Including seasonal fruits and vegetables is a good idea.
9- Avoid eating too much of oily food everyday. Do not take lot of salty and sugary foods.
10- Avoid junk food, lot of tea, coffee and colas.
11- Avoid road side food items specially if it is raw.
12- Do not eat raw meat, fish and eggs.
13- Do not have road side fruits and juices.
14- Too many ice-cremes are not advisable.
15- Have lot of fluids and water.
16- Do not smoke and consume alcohol as it is not good for your baby.
17- Omega 3 is very good during pregnanc. If you are a non-vegetarian, you get the same via fish, however, if you are a vegetarian, you can include walnuts to your diet.
18- Include nuts like almonds, raisins, walnuts to your diet.
19- If you like eating chinese, you can still do the same, however, avoid ajinomoto which is used in chinese dishes.

You can consult a dietician or ask your doctor inorder to create a good diet plan as per your need.

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