Diwali and Safety Tips

Diwali and Safety Tips
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Diwali is a festival of lights. Celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm, the festival is most enjoyed with fire crackers, house decoration, lighting, rangolis, new colorful clothes, goddess laxmi puja. While enjoying the festival to its full level, here are a few safety tips to be safe during Diwali:  Play Safe on Diwali

1- If you love lighting diyas in your house, ensure they are properly placed and not placed near to any flammable object as this may cause fire.
2- People love to make their houses bright by putting up lightings. Ensure that you put lighting on proper objects and not on object which can cause shock.
3- If you play with fireworks, ensure that they are placed at a safer place. We hear a lot of cases, when the whole fireworks box got fire.
4- Kids should always be supervised by an adult while firing the crackers.
5- Avoid silky, loose fitting clothes, dupattas, long hanging sarees on your shoulders while doing fire crakers. You should always be in safe cotton clothes at the time of firing crackers.
6- Wear skin covered clothes along with nice closed shoes to avoid any injuries on hands and feets.
7- Always keep a bucket of water or sand near the place where you are firing crackers. The burnt crackers should always be thrown safety to ensure that the kids do not touch the hot surface of the cracker.
8- If you have pets, ensure that you keep them inside your house with closed curtains as they get frightened by fire crackers.
9- Fire crackers at a place which is open and wide and is free from any wires and all.
10- Keep your face, hands away at the time of firing crackers.
11- Keep first aid ointments handy.
12- Never play any pranks with fireworks.
13- Don’t fire any cracker inside your house.
14- Use reputed and branded fireworks for safety.
15- If doing rangoli, ensure that it does not go inside your eyes or on your skin, specially for kids.

Incase of any burns during diwali:

– If there is any skin burns, keep the wound immediately under the water and if it is a small burn, put any ointment.
– Incase of major burns, fight the fire by putting up water, then wrap the victim’s body in a clean bedsheet and immediately take the victim to the hospital nearby.
– Incase of eye injuries, wash your eyes with water for sometime and then go the hospital immediately.

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