Dust Allergy

Dust Allergy

Dust allergy is another common allergy found in many people specially in those who are asthmatic. These people immediately gets an attack when in contact of dust. The main cause of dust allergy is the presence of dust mites in the air. These dust mites have small particles which are present in the air we breathe. They get their feed through the dead skin of human and pets. People who are allergic immediately gets an attacks as soon as they inhale these particles.  Symptoms when in contact of dust:

1- Non-stop sneezing
2- Difficulty in breathing
3- Coughing
4- Wheezing
5- Watering, Itching or Redness of eyes

Causes of Dust Allergy:

1- Your dead skin
2- Pieces of dead cockroaches
3- Mould spores
4- Pets

Prevention of Dust Allergy:

1- Avoid pets in case you have an allergic case in the family
2- Clean of vacuum clean the house regularly
3- Use plastic dust-mite covers (air-tight) on pillows and mattresses.
4- Avoid keeping stuffed toys in the house
5- Change bedsheets every week and wash it in hot water
6- Pillows with polyester fibre are better option to be used
7- Avoid using carpets specially the the thick ones
8- Avoid using curtains instead use roll up shades.
9- Keep furniture which is easy to clean
10- Use Air-conditioner as it removes the dust from the air

Treatment of Dust Allergy:

Even if you clean your house properly, it does not mean that your room will not have dust at all. People who are allergic to dust will still be able to get the dust allergy. For them the treatment course is:

1- Consult your doctor to understand about the necessary medication and allergy shots that you need to use in case of dust allergy.
2- Undergo anti-mites procedures in order to remove the dust mites from your atmosphere.
3- Ask your doctor about the available skin test and the blood test to know the root cause of your allergy.

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