Eye Care during Eye Makeup

Eye Care during Eye Makeup
Eye Care

Eye Makeup is quite common among ladies, however, below are few tips which you need to strictly follow to ensure the safety of your eyes during eye makeup.

1- Always ensure that you change your eye makeup kit every 3 months.
2- Don’t use very old eye makeup.
3- Don’t share your eye makeup with anyone.
4- Avoid eye makeup containing harmful ingredients such as arsenic, beryllium, nickel, selenium, cadmium, lead and thallium. Makeup should be non-toxic and more on natural side.
5- Avoid using samples in stores. These samples are generally used by multiple users and can lead to infections.
6- If you are a contact lens user, ensure that eye makeup is not causing issues with your lenses.
7- If you have sensitive skin and you are more prone to allergies, never use many new products at the same time. Introduce things one by one and observe whether they are leaving you with any allergies or not.
8- Always wash-off your makeup properly after coming home. Never sleep with the makeup as it can cause eye infections.
9- Don’t put eye makeup in a moving vehicle as this can poke into your eyes and can cause serious damage.
10- Use makeup which is for eyes only for eyes. People sometimes use lip liners in place of eye liners. This can cause infections.
11- Use quality makeup. Don’t use makeup just because it is cheaper in cost as this can cause serious damage. Always ensure that you are using a quality product for your eyes.
12- Don’t use anything in the eye of a kid. Sometimes people prefer to put kajal or surma to kids. This is strictly a no no.
13- If you are a kajal user, ensure to read the ingredient of the product that you use. It should not have Kohl present in its ingredient. This is not approved by FDA.
14- Don’t color your eye lashes and eye brows.
15- Avoid using eye makeup if you have any eye infection. Wait for some days till the time the infection is completely gone.
16- Store the makeup as specified in your makeup kit.

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