Benefits of consuming Guavas

Benefits of consuming Guavas
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Guavas are plants in the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae). There are different species of the plant.  They are native to MexicoCentral America, and northern South America. They are cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Guavas are small trees with spreading branches and are easy to grow. The two important species of the plant are the common guava (Psidium guajava) and the  cattley, or strawberry, guava. They differ in their color and size of the fruit.  

How to grow the Guava plant?

1. Guava plants can be grown from seeds.

2. They are mainly pollinated by honey bees.

3. They are grown successfully in tropical and subtropical regions.

4. The guava plants can tolerate both humid and dry climates.

5. They can be grown well in any type of soil.

6. Good drainage is recommended for these plants.

7. Guava plants can be watered regularly at early stages and after, watering once in a week is only needed.

8. The plant can be fertilized once in a month.

9. Pruning the tree can be done throughout the year. This helps in the growth of a stronger and healthier plant. But mature guava trees  require only occasional  pruning.

10. They can be affected by diseases. So proper precautions are needed.

Benefits of Guava Fruit

Guava has numerous health benefits.

1. They can regulate blood pressure and can control cholesterol level.

2. They can reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

3. The vitamin folate in guava fruit is well known in increasing the chances of fertility.

4.  They are good sources of Vitamin A. So they are good for health of the eyes.

5. They can relax nerves and muscles.

6. Consumption of guava fruit helps to attain healthy skin.

7. The extracts from their leaves are also useful for several skin treatments.

8. They are used in hair care.

9. Many beauty products contain guava extracts.

10. They are good for healthy brain and mind.

11. The juice from guava leaves can provide a relief from common cough and cold.

Guavas are processed into jams, jellies, and preserves. There are variety of recipes using guava. In some countries guavas are mixed with other ingredients to make breakfast-food flakes. The leaves, bark and wood of the plant have different uses. There are many different variety of this fruit. Some of them are Apple color, Seedless, Behat Coconut etc.


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