Its all about honey, Honey…

Its all about honey, Honey…
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From ancient time in India honey is considered to be an excellent food. By its proper use a person can make himself free from ailments, live a strong and long life. Honey is produced by honey bees. Honey bees suck the sweet juice from different flowers and store the same in their body. Then they fill that juice in small cells of the beehive. In the beginning the juice of flowers is thin like water but after having been stored in the bodies of honey-bees it becomes thick and sweet. In this way honey is an abstract of juice of different flowers, vegetables and life of honey bees. Honey bees make their bee-hives in houses, on trees, in hill areas and any other place. In one beehive there are about ten thousand to fifty thousand honey bees.

Honey is greasy, transparent, brown, heavy, very sweet and a natural effluent easily soluble in water. Honey is not only a medicine but also sweet and complete nutritious food as milk. Honey bees use honey as their food and the remaining honey is found and got by the human being.

According to Ayurveda, honey is of eight types and their names have been given on the basis of different names of honey bees.

1- Honey produced by big bees of yellow colour: This type of honey is excellent light and is useful for eyes and diseases like jaundice, piles, asthma and tuberculosis etc.

2- Honey produced by large black bees (Bhonra): This type of honey is good transparent and is useful to cause coldness in urine, good for digestion, effluent, more greasy and cold in nature.

3- Honey produced by small pingla (reddish yellow) bees: This honey is reddish yellow in colour and is useful in case of jaundice, piles, asthma etc but specially useful in case of diabetes.

4- Honey produced by very little black (like mosquito) bee: This type of honey is like purified butter in colour, withering, hot in nature. Therefore, it causes acidity, burning and gas. It is useful in case of diabetes.

5- Honey produced by bees named Pingla Verta (of yellow colour): These bees produce honey in the jungles of Himalaya. This honey is yellow, greasy, heavy and cold in nature. It is of very good qualities and is useful in many diseases like worms, acidity, diabetes, poison etc.

6- Honey produced by yellow bees like large black bees and having sharp mouth: This honey is astringent and bitter and is used for gaining health and strength. This is also useful for eyes and helps curing disease like cough, acidity etc.

7- Honey produced by reddish yellow worms living in holes like snake holes: This honey is astringent, sour, hot in nature and causes acidity. It increases liking and improves voice. It is useful in case of leprosy and poison. This is available very rarely and only to fortunate people.

8- Juice of flowers fallen from flowers and accumulated on leaves is also a kind of honey and is called Dal Madhu or Dal Honey. It is sour, astringent and light. This honey is useful for increasing metabolism of the body and relieving cough. It is withering and increases relish and liking. It is also nutritious, heavy and useful in case of diabetes.

The properties of Honey are different according to different honey bees producing it. In comparison the honey collected from Himalayas is considered to be the best. Honey collected from cold areas full of trees and flowers and collected in winter and spring season is also considered excellent.

Honey increases red cells in the blood. It gives heat and strength to the body. Sourness of Honey is useful in case of breathing, cough, hiccup and diseases related to respiratory system. As Honey contains Vitamin B in good quantity it helps curing skin diseases. Mixed with different herbs honey is used in curing different diseases.

Honey is very useful for children, weak persons and some other patients. Daily use of Honey strengthens the heart. Diabetic patients can also use when necessary. Use of hone and lemon juice in water causes loss of fats and weight. Honey should neither be heated, nor mixed or taken with hot things. Honey and purified butter together in equal quantity should never be taken as it becomes poison. When necessary honey should be taken more than ghee < purified butter > in cough diseases. In other diseases related to acid and gas, the ghee should be taken more than honey. Use of old honey in medicines is considered to be good.

– Use of 1 teaspoonful of honey in 1 cup of milk in the morning gives strength.
– Taking 1 teaspoonful of honey mixed with one teaspoonful of ginger juice in the morning and evening gives relief in cold and increases metabolism of the body.
– Use of 1 teaspoonful of honey three to four times a day is useful in the case of cough.
– Use of honey with fresh butter is useful for T.B. patients.
– Taking 2 teaspoonful of honey mixed properly with 1 teaspoonful of Lemon Juice in the morning and evening is very useful in the case of high blood pressure.
– Taking honey with cold water daily in the morning is very useful in the case of skin diseases.
– Its use with water is also very useful in case of constipation.
– Honey contains 87% of Glucose which is easily and immediately dissolved in blood and digested.

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