How to quit smoking?

How to quit smoking?
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“Smoking is injurious to health”, this is mentioned on every cigarette packet but still people fall for it. It is such a big problem which is spoiling our society to a greater extent. Not only does it make people dependent but it also leaves them with a lot of health problems. The worst thing about this problem is that it not only affects the person who smokes but it also affects close members of such people.

Health problems from smoking:Smoking induces a lot of health problems, starting from head
and going until toe. Here are a few of the major problems associated with
smoking:1- Brain Problems: Smoking affects the mental health of a person. It might result eventually to a stroke or anxiety.

2- Heart Diseases: It is found that the heart diseases are most commonly found in people who smoke. Most of smokers tend to face this problem. Smoking can lead a person to heart attack, blocked arteries etc.

3- Cancer: The next biggest health problem which arises from smoking is cancer. Smoking can trigger cancer of lips, mouth, lungs, throat, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, cervix. 

4- Teeth: The other problem that smokers tend to face is with their teeth. It starts with discoloration of teeth, plaque and can complicate to gum diseases, teeth loosening etc.

5- Eyes: The eyes can also have some disorders like macular degeneration or cataract.

6- Skin: Skin lose its quality and can start ageing early with wrinkles.

7- Sexual Problems: Males who smoke more can get problems like reduction of sperm, loss of motility, infertility etc, however, females may face period pains, early menopause, difficulty in conception or infertility.

8- Smoking is even bad for expected mothers. It might affect the foetus resulting in miscarriage, premature delivery, weak baby, birth defects in baby. It can also affect the baby in later ages.
How to quit smokingPhew… Smoking leads to so many issues and smokers are well aware of these, still they smoke. Do you know, why? It is because of an addiction which creates a feeling among smokers to keep smoking. Here are some ways that can help you or any of your family member who is facing this serious issue of smoking: 1- Replacement of Cigarettes: The very first step to quit smoking is to consult a physician and find out the replacement of cigarettes. These are things which come with nicotine and help the smoker to quit smoking but still get some nicotine for their addiction. Usually the steps that we need to follow in this process are:

– Consult a doctor: Find out what are the replacement options for you. These products come in various forms like nicotine gum, nasal spray, patch, inhaler etc. You doctor will be the best judge for you in this process.- Stop Smoking: Now stop smoking altogether and then start using these replacement options. If you do not quit smoking and start using these options, then you are in bigger trouble.- Stop Nicotine Support altogether: Once you are out of smoking process, you should aim at even stopping the nicotine support in another 2- 4 months. If you don’t do this the entire process of quitting smoking might fail.

2- Use Advise and Support Groups: These groups talk to people with similar addictions and help them overcome their problems and lead a normal life. You need to meet a lot of people with similar cravings and find ways to overcome these. You might ask you questions related to your addiction which help them understand how it can be cured.
3- Make a strong decision: It has been noticed that if there are good reasons behind leaving an addiction a person tend to take a strong step towards it. These reasons can be your family, their love, financial or health impact on you due to your addiction etc. Sit down, think again, is it required?

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