Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone
Kidney Stone

A kidney stone is the concentration of minerals and acids that form solid deposits inside your kidney. They are also known as renal calculus are found mostly in men than in women. People with kidney stones find it very painful and the treatment course varies according to the size of the stone. A small stone can be passed through the urine by taking a lot of fluids, however, a large stone can create blockage for the urine and can cause severe pain as well as bleeding.


1- Severe pain around your back
2- Sometimes pain in your genitals
3- Bleeding
4- Frequent urine
5- Burning sensation while urinating
6- Urine color might change to pink, red or brown
7- Nausea
8- Vomitting
9- Cloudy urine
10- Smelly urine

Causes of Kidney Stone:

1- Urine has more crystal forming substances like calcium, uric acid and oxalate.
2- In men it can occur between the age of 30 till 50
3- Certain medicines can also cause kidney stones
4- Family history
5- High intake of salts
6- High intake of proteins
7- Less fluids intake

Prevention of Kidney Stone:

1- Drink lot of water and other fluids
2- Avoid taking food items that causes oxalates (prevents calcium from being absorbed by your body and thus accumulates it to form kidney stone).
3- Ask your GP to give you medication in case of severe pains.
4- Discuss with your GP incase you are taking some regular medicines inorder to ensure that they are not the cause of kidney stone.

Treatment of Kidney Stone:

The treatment of kidney stone totally depends upon the size of the stone in your body. Few ways to treat the kidney stone are:

1- Small Stones: If the stone is smaller than 5mm you might be able to pass it through urine. Your doctor will advise you to take a lot of fluids and water so that stone passes through the urine. Pain medication might be given by the doctor to reduce the pain.

2- Antibiotics might be advised so that the stone melts and comes out in urine.

3- Your doctor might follow a procedure “Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)” in which shocks are given through the skin to break the kidney stones and bring them out of your body without surgery.

4- The final process to be followed if the stone is really big and is bothering your life style is surgery. Consult your doctor to know more about the available procedures.

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