Lady Finger Plant

Lady Finger Plant
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Lady’s finger also called okra, bhindi or gumbo, is a flowering plant in the mallow family. The plant is grown in the tropical and subtropical regions all over the world. They are annual or perennial, growing to 2 m tall. The vegetable of this plant is elongated and slim in shape. The plant is grown mainly for its vegetables.

How to grow Lady Finger Plant?

1- Lady’s finger plant can be grown from its seeds. 

2- They prefer hot and humid climate for their growth. So the seeds are sowed in summer.

3- Well drained, loose and fertile soil is good for the plant.

4- The lady finger plant can be grown in pots or ground.

5- Watering should be done daily till its growth.

6- After the plant is flowered, watering is done less frequently.

7- Liquid fertilizers can be sprayed on the plant for their healthier growth.

8- The plants are less affected by pests and diseases. But, if infected, remove diseases leaves and stem from the plant.  

9- Weeds should be removed at every stage of plant development.

Benefits of Lady Finger

The vegetable and other parts of Lady’s finger plant are used for many purposes:

1- The vegetables of the plant have wide range of cooking recipes.

2- The tender fruits have rich iodine content which is used in the treatment of goiter.

3- Lady Finger is a healthier food rich in fiber, vitamin and antioxidants.

4- They are good sources of calcium and potassium.
5- The leaves of the plant are used in treatment of dysentery and inflammation.

6- The old stems of lady fingers can be processed into papers.

7- Lady Finger oil which is edible and that has many benefits is made from seeds of its plant.

Although the plant is said to be originated from North Africa, now it is cultivated all over the world. The plants are easy to grow and not much maintenance is needed. The vegetable is used widely in salads and desserts.

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