Lychee or Litchi Fruit Plant

Lychee or Litchi Fruit Plant
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Litchi fruit tree is one of popularly known and grown trees. There fruits are delicious and have health benefits. They belong to the plant family Sapindaceae. Different varieties of the tree are grown all over the world. They are commercially cultivated crop. Litchi is said to have its origin in China. India is the second largest producer of litchi and are cultivated especially in Bihar.

How to take care of your Litchi Tree:

  1. Lychee trees need sunlight to grow.

  2. Soil with organic content and moisture is good for the plant.

  3. They prefer well drained soil to grow.

  4. Organic fertilizers can be used for the plant.

  5. Late spring is the best time to plant the tree.

  6. Water the plant daily.

  7. Pruning is done to remove the dead leaves and stems and to flourish the growth of the plant.

  8. Lychee tree can be affected by pests and insects. So proper care should be taken.

Benefits from Litchi Tree / Fruit:

– The Lychee fruit is rich in nutrients.

– They are cholesterol free and low in fat.

– In traditional medicine, they were used in treatment of various diseases.

– The fruit contain good amount of minerals like potassium, so is good for health.

– Lychee is a good source of Vitamin C.

– Litchis are used to make juice, jellies, jams etc.

The fruits of the Lychee tree have higher price value. So they are cultivated commercially.

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