Natural Colors and Holi

Natural Colors and Holi
Skin Care

Avoid skin problem by making natural colors on this holi…

The festival of colors is near….. kids are excited. But is there something that is bothering you? Yes, the dangerous colors sold in market. Only a parent can understand how dangerous these colors could be for our kid’s eyes and skin. Don't let impurities and chemicals spoil your festival, use natural colors. Below are the techniques which will help you make natural colors at home.


– You can use red sandal powder to create red color. The powder is also good for the skin and leaves no side-effects. If mixed with water, can create wet color.
– You can also dry red hibiscus flower and make a powder to create a good red color.
– Boil the peels of the pomegranate to create red wet color.


Take pure mehandi powder (not the one with amla and all mixed), mix it with an equal amount of flour and you will get a lovely green color. If used as a dry powder, it does not even leave any color on your face. To obtain a pakka color you can mix it with water and make a paste. The color will not go for a period of time

Gulmohar Leaves – Color from a plant

You can use gulmohar leaves, dry them and then crush them to make a dry powder. You can also use pudina, dhaniya, spinach etc to create dry colors.


Take gram flour (besan) and put a little of turmeric powder into it to create a beatiful yellow shade.
Dry the petals of marigold (gainda) commonly found in our country and make a powder to create yellow color.

To create a wet color, you can boil petals of marigold and leave for some time. You can also do the same by using turmeric powder instead of marigold leaves.


Dry blue hibiscus or Jacaranda flowers to create a dry blue color.

Happy Safe Holi!

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