Panic Attack

Panic Attack
Anxiety Disorder

One morning, Ritika woke up and she did not understand what’s happening with her. She just got an intense feeling of fear, as if she is just going to die. Her head was spinning and heart was pounding. She felt as if she could not breathe. This feeling lasted for several minutes and then she was rushed to the doctor. The doctor informed the family that it was a PANIC ATTACK.

What is Panic Attack?

A panic attack can be a one-time occurrence for some, however, some people might experience it repeatedly. It often comes all of a sudden and the person cannot understand what really happened. It can happen anywhere and even while sleeping. Though there is no real reason behind such attacks, however, they might appear due to stress, hereditary or due to a specific situation like stepping on an accelerator.

Symptoms of Panic Attack

People with panic disorder may feel:

• Shortness of breath
• Getting out of control during a panic attack
• Suddenly starts feeling fearful
• Scared of getting attacks again
• Sweating
• Prefers to stay at home
• Heart rate increases
• Sudden weakness
• Hot or cold flashes
• Numb Hands
• Avoiding specific situations or places
• Chest pain or stomach pain

Causes of Panic Attack

Though there is no exact cause of a Panic Attack but it can occur due to any of the below reasons:

• Hereditary
• Stress at work
• Stress from studies
• Due to some transition E.g. college to work or getting married, having a baby, divorce etc.
• Depression
• Due to death of some loved one, job loss etc.

Treatment of Panic Attack

When facing such issues, the person should immediately consult a doctor. What a person facing panic attack should know is this is very much treatable if diagnosed at a right time. Timely treatment can also prevent it to go to the other levels of getting Panic disorders etc.

The medicines usually given for treating panic attacks are the antidepressants, Benzodiazepines. Patients with this problem are also given psychotherapy. You need to consult a good doctor inorder to get proper treatment for this problem.

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