Peanut Allergy

Peanut Allergy

Peanut allergy is a food allergy that occurs when your immune system reacts differently by identifying peanuts as a harmful substance for your body. The body starts releasing chemicals which enters your blood and cause you allergy.



1- Various skin reactions such as redness, swelling, hives
2- Itching around the mouth
3- Shortness of breath
4- Wheezing
5- Runny Nose
6- Diarrhea, vomitting, nausea
7- Low blood Pressure


1- Occurs immediately after consuming peanut or peanut in any form like peanut butter, peanut oil.
2- There is no said reason behind this allergy, however, the allergy can be mild or severe.
3- Research says, it is found more when peanut is introduced at a later age to a kid. If during your pregnancy or during breast feed, you never had peanut, there is a chance that your child might get allergic to peanut.


Inform your doctor if you or your kid has any followed episode after comsuming peanut.

1- Eliminate Peanut Altogether: Eliminate it completely from your diet for certain days and see if the problem that you were facing is gone or not. If the problem arises again, it means it is not the peanut allergy, If it does not inform your doctor.
2- Conduct oral Food Allergy Test which means you consume foods which generally causes allergies. Your doctor will observe you to find out your cause of allergy.
3- Undergo an allergy test that will help you know the reasons behind your allergy.
4- Inform everyone about your or your kid’s peanut allergy to ensure that the peanut does not enter the system at all
5- Some people are even so allergic to peanut that they even cannot stand the smell of the same.
6- If eating food outside, ensure that they are not using any kind of peanut oil in the food
7- Buy food with reading ingredients properly. They should not have peanut.
8- Some snacks even carry particles of peanuts or are made in peanut oil. Confirm it and then only consume.


For mild allergies you can treat yourself by consuming medicines like Benadryl, however of severe allergies you might need a shot of epinephrine. However, consult your doctor to keep your medicines handy.

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