Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection

What is sinusitis?

A sinus – commonly found within the bones of the face and are connecting with the nasal cavity. They are air filled spaces within a bone or other tissue. They have cells which produces mucus whose job is to stop the dust from the air we breathe in and also prevents the nose from drying.

You get a sinus problem when the lining of your sinuses gets swollen and pains. The infection can be termed from acute to chronic. If the infection lasts within a 2-3 weeks its an acute infection, however, if the same continues for more than a month, it is termed as chronic infection. You should consult a doctor inorder to understand whether you have acute or chronic condition.

What are the ways to examine whether you have Sinus:

1- A doctor can conduct physical examination through your nose to understand if you have swelling inside.
2- X-Ray can be suggested to see the sinus condition.
3- MRI can be done to get a detailed imaging of the sinus.
4- CT Scan is another way of finding out if you have sinus.
5- Endoscopy can also help examine sinus. In this process a flexible tube with camera is inserted inside the nose.
6- Mucus Test can be conducted to understand if this is sinus.
7- Skin Allergy Test can help to know if it is leading to sinus

What causes Sinus?

1- Cold can be a cause of sinus as during cold your mucous membranes gets swollen which can lead to sinus infection.
2- People who are allergic can get sinus infection.

Symptoms of Sinus

1- Cough, cold
2- Facial Pain which normally happens as first thing in the morning and slows down with time.
3- Stuffing of nose
4- Some cases might get fever
5- Bad breath
6- Pain in upper teeth]
7- Loss of smelling power

Treatment of Sinus

You need to consult a doctor to ensure that you have sinus problem and its nothing else before starting any medication. You can try:

1- Saline water nasal spray
2- Cold water therapy (wet a cloth in cold tap water and put it over the paining area).
3- Use a humidifier
4- Take a lot of fluids

The doctor will advice you to either use a nasal spray, can advice you antihistamine tablets etc. Visit a doctor to get a proper treatment.

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