Sweet Lime

Sweet Lime
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Citrus limetta or Sweet lime plant is a species of citrus. In India, it is commonly called as mousambi, mosambi, or musambi. There are different varieties of this plant. The trees have spreading stems and may be large. The sweet lime plant  produces fruit throughout the year.

How to Grow Sweet Lime Plant?

  1. The sweet lime plant prefer well-drained soils.

  2. Regular watering is needed for the plant until it establish.

  3. The plant is mainly propagated through cutting.

  4. They grow in large containers.

  5. Pests can affect the plant. So pesticides/insecticides can be sprayed in correct measurement for its growth.

  6. Sweet lime plant can be fertilized as needed in proper way.

Benefits from Sweet Lime Plant:

  1. The fruit of the plant is used to make juice.

  2. They are also cooked in variety of dishes.

  3. In India, sweet lime is used medicinally for jaundice and fever.

  4. The peel of the fruit of sweet lime plant contains essential oil.

Besides these uses, the fruit of the plant contain nutrition helpful for health. The sweet lime plants are easy to grow and are grown worldwide.

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