Swimming Pool and Skin Tanning

Swimming Pool and Skin Tanning
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If you need to loose weight, maintain good physique or flatten your tummy, there is nothing better than opting swimming. Swimming is an exercise which relaxes your body, maintain your health and helps you avoid problems like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc. It is also a good exercise for pregnant ladies.
The only worry for most of the people doing swimming is if it is damaging to the skin due to chlorine water. Chlorine water is added to pool inorder to ensure that the infections are not transmitted through water. Though it is mandatory and important to have chlorine in swimming pool, the same time, it leads to skin tanning. Along with the chlorine water, the next problem is the UV rays which have a bad affect on the skin. They also lead to skin tanning.

Due to the big list of advantages that we get via swimming, it is important that we help the skin tan problem separetely and continue swimming.

How can we prevent our skin from getting tanned:

1- Apply good sun screen lotion before entering the pool.
2- Apply after swimming lotions available in market.
3- Take a bath with luke warm water immediately after swimming. It is always better to wash your hair too even if you were wearing a swim cap.
4- Use swim goggles for the eyes.
5- Use Banana as it is a good cleanser and help you reduce dark spots you get via swimming.
6- Select a time in such a fashion that you get less exposure to sun rays.
7- Drink lot of water so that the body is hydrated as needed.
8- Eat lot of fruits and vegetable specially the ones rich in vitamin C in order to keep your skin rich.
9- Use Cucumber paste and sandalwood pack as it helps reduce tan.
10- Check for creames which you can apply overnight inorder to reduce tan.

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