Swollen feet during pregnancy

Swollen feet during pregnancy

Swelling is the common problem which we face during pregnancy. This condition is known as edema which is seen mostly during your third trimester. Mild swelling is not an alarm and is quite normal during pregnancy but is also uncomfortable. However, you need to see a doctor if you have more than normal swelling, one feet is swollen more than the other, swelling on the face specially below the eyes, vomitting, blurry or flashy vision, severe headache or other pains.  What causes swollen feet during pregnancy:

1- Excess fluids collected in your tissues
2- Due to growing uterus, it creates pressure on your veins which impairs return of blood to your heart and thus cause swelling.
3- Hot weather creates add on problem and hence swelling.

What can help reduce swelling:

1- Don’t stand or sit for long hours, take a break, lie down or walk a little.
2- If you are sitting for a longer duration, try to keep a stool or something below your legs so that your legs are little in upward position.
3- Take proper rest and while resting try to keep your legs over pillows so that your legs are higher than your heart.
4- Drink a lot of water.
5- Don’t make cross while sitting. Also don’t sit with folded legs.
6- Wear comfortable shoes, it does not really mean that all flat sleepers are comfortable. Try something with soft sole.
7- Try waist-high maternity support stockings.
8- Eat healthy food and avoid junk as much as possible.
9- Regular walk, exercise and swimming can help reduce swelling.
10- Avoid wearing tight socks and stockings during pregnancy.
11- Sleep more on your left side.
12- Try foot exercises – do bending and stretching of your feet in upward and downward position. Then rotate feet.
13- Massage in the feet can also help in swelling and give you relief.

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