Benefits of consuming Tamarind

Benefits of consuming Tamarind
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Tamarind or Tamarindus Indica is a tree from the plant family Fabaceae. They are native to tropical Africa. Tamarinds are long lived trees with edible fruit. They can attain heights and spread their branches. Their fruit is used as an ingredient in food. The tree is grown widely and does not need much maintenance. India is the world’s top producers and exporters of tamarind.

How to Grow Tamarindus Indica Plant?

  1. The trees can be grown from seeds.
  2. The trees grow very slowly and take time to mature.
  3. The tree can grow in different variety of soil.
  4. The plant will not tolerate cold climate in its younger stages.
  5. The tree should be transplanted to soil if grown in small pots.

The tamarind plants can be affected by pets and bugs, so proper measures should be taken.

Benefits from Tamarindus Indica:

  1. The fruits of tamarinds are used in food and food products.
  2. In many countries it has been used in drinks.
  3. The young leaves, seedlings and flowers of the plants are used in cooking or taken as raw.
  4. The fruit of tamarind has calories, fiber, calcium carbohydrates and other minerals.
  5. The leaves and flowers of the plant are used as mordants in dyeing.
  6. Their flowers are good sources of nectar and attract bees and butterflies.
  7. Beyond all these benefits, the tree has many medicinal uses.
  8. The dried leaves and flowers of tamarind are used for swelling, sprains etc.
  9. The hot water boiled with the leaves and flowers of the plant is used commonly for bath. It can reduce the swellings in the joints, pain etc.
  10. The extracts from the plant are used for asthma, eye inflammations etc.
  11. The tamarind plant is also related to many beliefs and superstitions. The tree is grown widely in India and they are used in many purposes.

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