What are the teething issues in babies?

What are the teething issues in babies?
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When does a child start teething?

Teething generally starts at the age of 4 months and ends till 2 to 3 years. The teething phase differs from child to child. Some kids might feel it more disturbing whereas others might go through it with very little or no issues at all. However, during this time, babies feel discomfort and might face some other problems like diarrhea, fever etc.

How do you know that your kid has teething issues?

Your baby might be facing teething issues if you see below symptoms:

1- Red Swollen Gums
2- Cheek is flushed
3- Biting things
4- Little fever and discomfort
5- Sometimes Diarrhea
6- Rubbing ear
7- Fussy Eating
8- Cranky most of the time

If your kid faces any of the above symptoms, they might be going through teething phase. However, if you think that the symptoms are severe, don’t assume things and surely go and consult a doctor.

How can you ease your child’s teething issues?

1- Rub their gums gently with clean finger or small infant brushes which you get in the market. You can wear that brush in your finger and then rub on their gums.
2- Give them teethers. They can chew on them whenever they feel the discomfort. Avoid teethers with gels as that can’t be sterilized.
3- If your baby is over 6 months and can eat food, give them a piece of carrot, apple etc. which they can try biting on. Just ensure that they don’t choke it.
4- If the baby is reducing too much weight due to fever or diarrhea, consult a doctor.

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