Benefits of consuming Tomatoes

Benefits of consuming Tomatoes
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Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum is one of the most important food crops of India. The plant is said to be originated in South America. There are different varieties of this plant all over the world. The fruits of this plants are of different colors, size and shape, but red tomatoes are the most common. The plant can be tall, semi-bush or bushy type. Tomatoes with sour flesh and edible seeds are the key flavor of different recipes. Their leaves are green and considered as toxic.

Benefits of Tomatoes:

  • They are rich content of antioxidants and have dietary sources.
  • Fresh tomatoes and tomato extracts have been shown to help lower total cholesterol.
  • Their consumption can reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • It contains a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin E and the mineral manganese.
  • Recent studies have shown that tomatoes have anti-cancer benefits.
  • It can reduce the risk of some neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

How to Grow Tomato Plant:

  • Tomatoes are easy to grow at home and can be grown from seeds.
  • Most soil is suitable for the plant.
  • They can be planted in containers or directly to the ground.
  • While growing in pots or containers good drainage and enough space to grow the roots should be provided.
  • Potted plants can be kept indoors or outdoors.
  • A sunny spot is a good choice for the plant to grow.
  • Watering should be done every day or according to the climate.
  • If the plant is transplanted, watering should be done immediately.
  • A tomato plant is sensitive to pest and diseases, disinfecting treatment or mild amount of pesticides, preferably organic, should be applied to the plant.
  • The need for pruning depends on the type of plant and the size and quality of the fruit.

Tomato is one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world. They contribute to a healthy, well-balanced diet. Yellow tomatoes have higher vitamin A content than red tomatoes, but red tomatoes contain anti-oxidant that may contribute to protection against carcinogenic substances. Canned and dried tomatoes are economically important processed products. They have has high economic value.

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