Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods

Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods
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Cancer is a problem which no one should face. Unfortunately, with our changing life style, we are getting exposed to this problem. Our eating habits have changed, we prefer food outside than at home. We prefer frozen stuff over the fresh food. We like to buy canned food than making it at home. We prefer to order from restaurant more than making food at home. All these are the direct causes of cancer. So, if you love yourself and your family, leave the comfort aside and do the hard work but give the right food.

Here is a list of some 10 food items that can cause cancer:

1- Colas including diet cola

All the soft drinks / colas that we drink these days including the diet colas are responsible for getting cancer. Unfortunately, we are even introducing these to our kids these days. It not only affects our health, teeth and skin but can also cause cancer. If you or your kids like to drink cold drinks at some point or the other, replace it with fresh homemade lemonade. Lemonade not only gives you the good taste you need but is also a healthy option.

2- Canned Tomatoes

People prefer to use canned tomatoes over the traditional style of cooking food with fresh tomatoes. Tomatoes are a good source of nutrition; however, canned tomatoes get exposed to BPA which leads to problems like cancer, heart diseases and even reproductive issues.

3- White Flour

White Flour is another bad idea to increase in your diet. All your bakery items including cookies, donuts, white bread, cakes etc. uses white flour and can lead to cancer. So, avoid them as much as possible.

4- Processed Food

Any food that has been processed and preserved for you to use later increases your chances of getting cancer. Avoid them as much as possible. Make a habit to eat fresh than eating processed items.

5- Processed Meat

People find meat to be a healthier option in their diet, however, too much of meat with less amounts of vegetables or processed meat is another cause of getting cancer.

6- Microwave Popcorn

It is always easy to put the popcorn packet in the microwave and within 2 minutes cook a delicious snack for your kids. But it’s not at all worth it. Microwave popcorn can also cause cancer. In fact, any food that is made hot using microwave losses its nutrition value and is just not good for eating. Avoid doing this. If your kids like popcorn, it will take 2 more minutes if you make popcorn using our traditional cooker method.

7- Fried Foods

Fried items are not only unhealthy for your body, waistline, heart and causes acidity but it also can be a cause to get cancer. Avoid fried food as much as you can.

8- Artificial Sweeteners

People comfortably buy anything that is called diet. However, the fact is that diet food too carries artificial sweeteners which are even dangerous than your normal sugar. Avoid artificial sweeteners as well as diet foods.

9- Packaged Snacks

You are out with your kids and your kids are hungry, what will you do. May be immediately grab a packet of potato chips and give it to them or find a restaurant and buy French fries. Potato chips, French fries or any packaged snacks too causes cancer. Avoid them.

10- Margarine

To retain healthy options, people replace their normal butter with margarine. Margarines were considered heart healthy, however, it has been found that the normal butter is better than the margarine. Avoid it.

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