Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger
Treatment & Cure

What is a Trigger finger?

Trigger finger is a painful condition characterized by finger or thumb locks or clicks in its bend position. It is a common disorder which can cause pain and swelling in the finger or palm. In some extreme cases of trigger finger, fingers may not be able to be straightened and may need surgery.

What are the causes and factors of developing trigger finger?

The exact cause of trigger finger is still unknown.

  • The repetitive forceful use of fingers or thumbs may cause trigger finger or it can worse trigger finger.
  • Women are most likely to be affected by trigger finger.
  • It may occur in people with more than 40 yrs. of age.
  • People with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis have more chance of getting trigger finger.
  • Repeated strain to fingers and thumbs may result in trigger finger.
  • It can also be a result of some injury.

What are the symptoms of trigger finger?

Some of the symptoms of trigger finger include:

  • Stiffness or difficulty in bending fingers or thumb, particularly in the morning.
  • Tenderness and swelling in the palm or fingers.
  • Pain or catching or locking in joints of the finger while bending.

What are the available treatment options of trigger finger?

You need to consult the doctor in order to ensure that you have trigger finger. Based upon the seriousness of your problem, your doctor might advise you:

  • Rest – In mild cases doctor recommend resting the finger and to avoid excess activities with the finger.
  • Exercise – Doctor might advise you some exercising options for your fingers.
  • Medications – Anti-inflammatory medicines are used to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Injections – Steroid injection is also recommended for the triggering pain, swelling and discomfort.
  • Surgery – In extreme cases, if the medications and injection have less effect, surgery may be necessary. You may be recommended to restrict your normal activities for some days after the surgery. The normal recovery from the surgery may take few weeks, but it can vary from individual to individual.

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