Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection is very common in women as compared to men. Your body follows a process to make urine and then takes it out of the system. This is usually done by kidney, bladder and the tubes connecting them. These all when combined is known as Urinary Tract. Any infection in this system is called Urinary Tract Infection. It generally gets better within 4-5 days by itself, however, sometimes the infection gets worse and needs to be treated by anti-biotics. You need to visit a doctor if you are developing high fever due to UTI, you are pregnant, you have diabetes or the symptoms are getting worse. If you are a diabetes patient or a person with weak immune system you should take this condition seriously as it can also lead to kidney failure or blood poisoning.

Symptoms during UTI:

1- Feeling to urinate often
2- Only few drops while urinating
3- Burning sensation or pain while urinating
4- Pain in lower abdomen and it feels heavy.
5- Urine is smelly
6- You have pain in your back at one side usually under your ribs.
7- Blood in urine

Causes of UTI:

1- Urinary Tract gets infected through a bacteria
2- In women, it sometimes occur after intercourse
3- Kidney stones can also cause UTI
4- If you are unable to pass urine frequently due to some health condition.

Prevention of UTI:

1- Keep your genitals clean
2- Avoid constipation
3- Don’t control your urine
4- Clean from front to back after toilet and not back to front that increases the chances of infection
5- Empty your bladder after intercourse

Treatment of UTI:

The doctor will suggest you the necessary urine test to find out if this is the infection.
If the infection is low, it can be treated by taking cranberry juice (in diabetes it can increase your sugar levels), enough fluids and following all measures as in the prevention of UTI. However, if the infection is higher or if you have any other medical condition attached to it, doctor will advise you a proper anti-biotic course to overcome the issue.

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