White Patches and Kids

White Patches and Kids

Do you often see white patches appearing on the cheeks of your kids? Are you worried that it can be due to mal-nutrition? Do you think it is due to worms? Often parents get worried due to the above questions. Don’t be scared, your child might be suffering from “Pityriasis Alba”. These are the white, scaly patches. Children with this condition develop uneven, round or oval patches after sun exposure. They’re either round or without a defined shape. The patches are usually of dry texture. They are most commonly found on the face usually cheeks, neck, upper trunk, and upper arms. It is most common amongst children who fall under the age group – 3 to 16 years. The normal period when it occurs is the end of the summer season.  

Causes of Pityriasis Alba: 1- Most common in children with dry skin. 2- Can be due to sun-exposure.

Treatment of Pityriasis Alba:

1- Proper application of a good moisturizer after bathing.
2- Proper application of a good sun-screen lotion when out in sun.
3- Proper de-worming after every 6 months.
4- Avoid using soaps which lead to dry skin.
5- Consume good amounts of fruits and vegetables everyday.
6- Use topical steroid creams but only if the doctor recommends.

Usually these patches go by their own even if the treatment is not taken. For these scars to go completely, it might sometimes take several months to years. These scars does not mean that your child will have this problem throughout his/her life. The skin pigmentation might get normal as they grow, so not to worry!

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