Treatment & Cure

What is Anemia?

Anemia – It is a disease caused by shortage of red blood cells or shortage of hemoglobin in the blood which results in weariness or pallor.

What are the causes of Anemia?

As Anemia occurs when our blood is going through shortage of red blood cells or shortage of hemoglobin in it, which can be caused by:

  • If you are bleeding, which leads to loss of blood which involves RBC’s and hemoglobin as well.
  • Your body is not able to produce enough RBC’s for your blood, that are required by the body to survive.
  • The RBC’s in your blood are being destroyed by your body.

What are the symptoms of Anemia?

  • Weariness
  • Pallor
  • Change in body temperature
  • Fatigue
  • Head pain
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Change in heartbeat’s

What are the types of Anemia?

Types of Anemia includes:

Iron deficiency Anemia: It is one of the most commonly found type of Anemia in the world. It is caused by the deficiency of iron in the body. Iron is an essential component for our body as it is needed by our bone marrow to produce hemoglobin, So without iron a body cannot produce hemoglobin. It is a common problem for pregnant women.

Anemia of chronic diseases: Diseases such as arthritis, kidney disorder, or HIV Aids may affect the production of RBC’s in the blood.

Vitamin deficiency Anemia: A body also requires folate and vitamin B 12 to make RBC, so if our body lacks in production of Vitamin B12 or folate it can also cause Anemia.

Aplastic Anemia: It is the rarest Anemia which is rarely found in a human body, when your is not able to produce RBC’s due to infection, medicines, autoimmune diseases, or by exposure to chemicals.

Anemia associated to bone marrow’s: Diseases like Leukemic and Myelofibrosis may affect bone marrow to produce RBC’s.

What is the treatment for Anemia?

  • Take balanced diet, it must contain iron and minerals in a balance manner for a healthy person.
  • For a person suffering from Anemia must be given diet rich in iron and minerals.
  • You must consult doctor on annual basis for basic general body check-up.
  • In case of iron a person may increase his iron level after a time, but also needs to take care of that to manage that level as the level falls even faster.
  • The last thing to improve iron level in your body you need to take iron supplements as suggested by your doctor.