How to Treat Burns

What are Burns? When your body comes in contact with heat or flame that it cannot handle which results in damage or injury is known as a burn. What are the causes of Burn? Flaming Burns – These are the most commonly found burns, when our body comes in contact to flames which results in […]

How to give Cod liver oil to kids

What is Cod liver oil? It is a nutritional supplement derived from the liver of cod fish. It has high level of omega of omega 3 fatty acids, EPA eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA docosahexaenoic acid. It also contains vitamin A and vitamin D. It is mainly taken to balance the vitamin A and vitamin D […]

Swine Flu

What is Swine Flu? It is a seasonal flu better known as influenza A virus subtype of H1N1. The name swine flu is derived from the first outbreak where it was found that the virus arrives when in contact to a pig. Symptoms of Swine Flu Fever Cold lasting longer Sore throat Running nose Red […]


What is Anemia? Anemia – It is a disease caused by shortage of red blood cells or shortage of hemoglobin in the blood which results in weariness or pallor. What are the causes of Anemia? As Anemia occurs when our blood is going through shortage of red blood cells or shortage of hemoglobin in it, […]

How to Cure Cold

Cold is a common problem nowadays, can be triggered by change in weather. It is mostly seen in small kids, old people, and people with low immunity. Cold is a kind of disease which can be cured in 1 or 2 days or can even last longer for weeks. Causes of Cold: Change of Weather […]