Fire Cracker Safety Tips

Fire Cracker Safety Tips
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Firecrackers are used to celebrate various festivals in our country. It is a way by which people are showing their excitement. While doing so, we should always keep two things in mind.

  1. Take care of your environment too as firecrackers is a big cause of air and noise pollution.
  2. Follow the safety tips as listed below:

Firecracker Safety Tips:

  • Kids should always be accompanied by adults. Never leave kids alone with firecrackers as this can be dangerous.
  • Always keep distance when bursting a cracker.
  • Always buy quality firecrackers. Don’t go for cheap quality firecrackers as they can cause accidents.
  • Follow the local rules of firecrackers in your area.
  • Never burst firecrackers indoors. Always go outdoors in an open area.
  • Try wearing safety glasses while bursting crackers.
  • Always keep water bucket near you.
  • Always wait for a while in case a firecracker is not burst.
  • Never keep alcohol next to firecrackers. Your alcohol party should never be at the same time as it can be seriously dangerous.
  • Never throw busted firecrackers on the road. Always put them in a metal bucket filled with water.
  • Move away quickly after busting a firecracker.
  • Keep kids away from dangerous firecrackers.
  • If going to a firework event, always stay away from the area where he firecrackers are being bust.
  • In case of burns, follow the treatment measures.

These little precautions can save you and your family’s big festival day….

Stay Safe

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