How to Treat Burns

How to Treat Burns
Treatment & Cure
What are Burns?

When your body comes in contact with heat or flame that it cannot handle which results in damage or injury is known as a burn.

What are the causes of Burn?

Flaming Burns – These are the most commonly found burns, when our body comes in contact to flames which results in burns and damages the skin as well as the tissues.
Scald – When an injury occurs due to a hot liquid or steaming, in this case the damage occurs according to the thickness of liquid. The thicker the liquid more chances of burn.
Sunburns – These are caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun.
Contact Burns – The burns caused when a body comes in contact with a hot object which damages skin and its related tissues.
Electrical Burns – The burns caused by electricity come in this category. These can be severe in some cases.
Chemical Burns – The burns caused when a body comes in contact to a chemical. This can happen flammable or liquids when mixed together.

Types of Burns

Burns are categorized into three types: First degree, Second degree, & Third-degree burns. They are categorized in three types as the layer of skin was further divided in three types. So, recognizing the burn depth becomes easier to understand if you can recognize the layer of skin damaged. So, the symptoms change depending on the kind of burns.

  • First degree burns: When the first layer of skin gets damaged. It happens in the case of epidermis. Redness, tenderness, or pain are the symptoms for these burns. It may occur if your body comes in contact to high Ultra violet rays of the sun. It may occur with a hot object. It recovers within a week.
  • Second degree burns: When the burn is more severe and the damage goes till the second level of the skin known as dermis. These may be severe, looks pinkish red. It can occur by scalds or severe ultra violet rays emitted by the sun. It may take from 2 to 6 weeks to recover.
  • Third degree burns: When the damage goes till the third level of skin or hypodermis. It includes injuries to dermis, epidermis, and hypodermis. In some cases, muscles and bones may be damaged. The damage of this category looks white in colour. It takes a lot of time to recover from this category of burns. It happens from chemicals or flammable substances.
Treatment and Cure
  • The burn immediately needs to be soaked in cold water for five minutes.
  • Use of gel based ointments for burns.
  • Use toothpaste if you don’t have proper medicine to apply.
  • Use honey or aloe Vera in first degree injuries.
  • Use painkillers if you are not able to handle the pain.
  • You need to visit a doctor in severe cases. In second and third degree of burn you must consult a doctor.
Prevention of Burns:
  • Always have an eye on your kids.
  • Handle hot things with proper care.
  • Flammable substances should be used according to instructions.
  • Chemicals to be used with supervision if you are not an expert.
  • Hot and chemical substances to be kept without the reach of children.
  • Never smoke in no smoking area.
When to see a doctor?
  • In case of burns caused by chemicals and electricity.
  • Burns on hands, feet, and buttocks are the critical areas.
  • When you face difficulty in breathing.
  • Critical burns in the case of third degree burns visiting doctor is a must.