Skin Problem And Swimming

Swimming is one of the best fitness exercises for a healthy body. Many people enjoy swimming and go for a swim for relaxation or enjoyment. Many of them regularly go for swimming as part of their exercise routine. But swimming can cause most of the skin problems. What are the skin problems caused by swimming? […]

Complete Body Profile

What is Complete Body Profile? A complete body profile is the whole body check up, simply called health check up. It contains of a set of medical examinations evaluating the overall health condition of your body. It helps in the diagnosis of any underlying diseases that has affected your body without any symptoms. It also […]

Milk Allergy

What is Milk Allergy? Milk allergy is a common food allergy that occurs when the immune system of the body reacts adversely to milk and milk products. Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) is the common milk allergy seen mainly in infants and children. Milk allergy can also be caused from other types of milk like sheep’s […]

Blood Pressure

What is Blood Pressure? Blood pressure is the pressure of blood circulation against the walls of the arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to different parts of the body. The pressure of the blood varies according to the need of the body. When the blood pressure remains high over […]


What is Arthritis? Arthritis is the disease of the joints that can cause inflammation or pain in one or more joints. It is a joint disorder for which symptoms may develop slowly or suddenly. It is seen commonly among people, especially women and older people. There are more than 100 types of arthritis. What are […]

Eye Checkup In Kids

Eye is an important sensory organ of our body. It is really important that we keep a regular check on our eye to ensure they are functioning properly. A preventive checkup can help us avoid many major future problems in eyes. This is even applicable for kids. The first eye screening can be done at […]

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to save or repair a badly infected or damaged tooth. The tooth has two anatomical parts – crown and the root. Crown is a part of the tooth that is covered with enamel and it is part that is visible in the mouth. Root is the […]


What is cataract? Cataract is an eye condition where the eye lens start becoming opaque leading to blurry vision. It is very common among people above 40 years. A cataract can occur in any one or both eyes. With growing age, most of the people face this condition. If untreated a person might not be […]

Am I At Risk Of Getting Diabetes?

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a condition that is diagnosed when your blood sugar also called blood glucose is too high. Glucose is the main source of energy for our body. Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases that occurs when the body is not able to convert glucose into energy. The two main types […]

Migraine Attacks

What is Migraine A migraine is usually characterized by painful recurrent headache with a variety of symptoms. It is a neurological condition that can affect people in different ways. Migraines can last from hours to a few days. The exact causes of migraine are still unknown. Treatments are available for this but it differs from […]