Protection from Smog

Protection from Smog
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Smog is the cause of all major problems. People who have issues with lungs, heart, chest etc are the one who is most affected. It is also a concern for people with poor immunity, these can be especially the small kids and the old people. Here are some ways to protect you and your family from the adverse effects of smog.

What is Smog?

To solve the problem, it is important that you understand what this problem is all about. Smog is a combination of air pollutants like nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds which are results of too much urbanization, vehicle pollution, pollution from factories, garbage burning, crop burning etc. It is a mixture of smoke with fog together. This kind of air is dangerous to breathe in.

What are the health hazards due to smog?

If you live in an area which is facing too much smog, you can suffer from:

  • Common Cold
  • Cough
  • Asthma
  • Difficulty in breathing

How to protect you and your family specially kids from smog?

Here are some ways by which you can protect you and your kids from the adverse effects of smog:

  1. Avoid going out: Avoid going out when it is too much smog in your area, especially for kids, let them enjoy and play indoors rather than going outdoors. Only go out if it is some emergency.
  2. Avoid congested areas: Try and avoid areas which are too congested even if you can’t avoid to go out.
  3. Follow up with the weather forecast: Keep up to date with the weather forecast of your area to know when it is too smoggy or when it is the perfect day to go out.
  4. Wear a face mask: Don’t forget to wear your face mask with pollutant filter when you go out on a smoggy day. It is a good idea to even provide the same to your kids.
  5. Avoid too much of exercise as that can affect your breathing.
  6. Use air-conditioning: Use air-conditioning with HEPA-filter technology at home as it can help to purify the pollutants out of your room.
What are the ways by which we can help reduce smog in our environment?

Smog is a serious issue, however, if we take few corrective steps we can provide fresh and clean air to our kids to breathe in. Here are some ways for you to consider:

  1. Drive less: You should try to drive less rather than do more of car-pooling. Walk short distances and avoid taking cars everywhere.
  2. Avoid products that release high levels of pollution.
  3. Keep your car pollution under control.
  4. Encourage greenery in your area.

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